Sunday, May 29, 2011

Pie in the Sky Lilac Farm

This story really started a year ago, Memorial Day Weekend 2010. Now, you need to remember that I've lived in this area for about 20 years and my husband for over 50 yrs.

My husband (Bruce) works for the DPW (department of Public Works) for the town where this lovely Lilac Farm is located and he has worked for them for a number of years. I tell you all this so you realize both my amazement and my disappointment when he told me about it. He came home from work last year telling me about this place at the top of a hill in the middle of now where on a dead end road that has a lot of Lilac's growing. They have a 6' fence around about an acre of land full of beautiful Lilacs. I looked at him and said "Why am I just hearing about this now". (with a smile of course)

So I told him I'd like to see this place and we ventured out. It's only about 10 miles away so it didn't take long. This Farm is on a dead end road No house just a large fenced in area with lots and lots of Lilac's. I was happy to see a car parked up by the fence. We drove up through the high grass, got out of the truck and was greeted by a lovely lady, her name is Sabra Gilbert. A gentlemen was busily mowing in between the lilac trees.

Much to my surprise this farm was opened to the public around Memorial Day when they come up from down state to mow and check on the trees. Sabra told us there are over 150 trees planted and then handed us a paper with all there names and numbers so we can locate the ones we really liked. I couldn't begin to tell you all of what I learned that day about Lilac's, But I can tell you I came away from the visit with wonder and amazement that someone would take the time to plant and maintain such a wonderful Garden of Lilac's to be enjoyed Just because they love Lilac's.

My Husband and I remembered the name of this White Lilac called the Beauty of Moscow, and purchased 2 trees that Fall and planted them in the Garden. They bloomed this year and are spectacular.

Krasavitsa Moskvy (Beauty of Moscow)
I waited all year for another chance to go back to the Pie in the Sky and this time I took my camera.....

My Hubby


Sabra Gilbert, Owner and Lover of Lilac's
Lucie Baltet (that's French)

He must be the landscaper
The sun was bright at that moment and the smell of Lilac's was abundant 

This is a late blooming Furn type Lilac that isn't blooming yet.
Slaters Elegance
The Skies were starting to darken so we started to walk just a little faster. 

We said are good bye's and told Sabra we would be back next year. We got 1 mile down the road the the skies opened up, Raining again. I sure hope Sabra saw that coming...........

Happy Memorial Day Everyone!!!



vintage eye said...

Oh Judy! This is lovely! I don't know if I told you but lilacs are my absolutely favorite flower! They grow wild all over NH & ME & we had a bush in our yard up there. Sadly, they do not grow down here so I really appreciate this post. I can almost smell them from here! :)

sewmeow said...

Lilacs are my favorite flower too, and this was a spectacular post of pictures. I could smell them too. Thanks so much for it. No lilacs for us in So.'s too HOT!

Finding Charm said...

What a lovely secret place! You look like you're in Lilac heaven.

Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

Those are the best type of places-The ones that you have no idea are there, but are hidden treasures :)

I wish I could have gone with you-I LOVE the smell of lilacs. It's my favorite smell! And they are of course beautiful plants ^.^

I'm just stopping by from Chrissie's to tell you how much I appreciate your lovely comment-It's people like you with all your never ending support that fuel my healing process and keep my spirits high :)