Monday, January 24, 2011

The Vintage Market Team on ETSY Is having an End of Season Sale (Soldes)

Sale ends Januaray 31th, So Hurry, You have alot to see.

The promo tag used in this sale on Etsy is vmteamsoldes   Items being added daily throughout the group. You must see each participating shop for details on this sales event because each shop is different.

I can only speak for myself when I say that I am a little slow on the get go this time, not all my items have been tagged BUT they are all on sale. I'm not using Etsy on Sale this time either because I am just a little upset with the new fees they are charging. I'm sure I'll get over it but for now I'm tagging them myself, hence not getting it done on time. And Hence the use of the COUPON CODE (SOLDES11) for 20% off. Please see both my shops for details, and for vintage fashion stop by my sister shop really it's simply at check out just use the coupon code and the 20% is deducted for you.

Soldes is a French word meaning SALE or SALES -

Definition: (masculine plural noun) sales

En France, les soldes ont lieu deux fois par an - In France, sales take place twice a year

Many Thanks to the Vintage Market Team for there continued support and a special Thank You to Retrotrend for all the time and effort that she puts into this team.

It made my month. Thanks Etsy!!! You ROCK!!!

Happy Shopping