Saturday, May 22, 2010

This is where I've been spending most of my time lately I love my Gardens in the Country

With the break of pleasant and warm temperatures in Upstate New York I find myself out of the house and away from the dish pan, vacuum, broom and mop. Not that my hands found them all that often anyway, they would much rather grab a rack, shovel, rototiller and all the weeds that pop up and compete with the beautiful perennials that I've planted.

Also sadly I haven't had as much time to work in my Etsy shop or tweet with my twitter friends, but I will get better at multitasking and finding enough time to do at least those two things that  I enjoy.

Speaking of weeding, It's not that I enjoy the task but I'm a very competitive person and once I get started it's hard to stop. Yes, I compete with the weeds, sometimes I win and sometimes not so much.

 Someone once told me after I was complaining about what I had to do and what I wanted to do that "sometimes life just gets in the way" you know there is a lot of truth in that statement, Life really does get in the way.  Unless I make a conscious decision to do what I want to do, what I have to do always wins.  It's a constant tug-of-war between the 2 for me.

So lately I'd say within the past 10 months I've been trying to make what had to be done also what I wanted to do.  I get along with myself much better now. I can't say it always works out for me in a positive way every time but, when I'm enjoying what I'm doing it's a win - win for everyone involved.

I've Shown You this BBB (blue bottle bush) before but if you notice the Clematis is starting to grow and soon will overtake the stump and show off the beautiful double blossoms in a wonderful lavender color.

This old harvest table someone had put along side the road with a free sign on it, so of course I stopped and loaded it up and gave it new place to spend the rest of it life. It's the star of the show during the bonfire gathering. 

Awe, if you could only see the little gold fish that are now living in this pond, the Fish Fairy visited one day and dropped some off for me. Thank You, Jeanne.

And these are the twin Red Maple's we planted about 6 years ago now, they are loving the view.

And when the work is done or I'm just to exhausted to do anymore I will either sit or lay down in one of these 2 hammocks and be Oh, so grateful of the time I have and Thank God for the all his Glory.

Purple Martin House

Outside shower where I only get cooled off and wash the mud off my hands and feet during and after working in the garden. Oh yes and the compost bin, which I should have put more thought in the placement of both, if you know what I mean. 

Well there it is, now you know where I am when you can't find me. 
I hope you've enjoyed your visit.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dutch Felt Art, Artisan and WWES curator

I've gotta tell ya, that I have never been a member of a team or group willingly before.  I Kinda felt more secure just watching and only being responsible for me, myself and I. Not that I am selfish in anyway but don't like to get my expectations high just to have someone other than myself burst my bubble, if you know what I mean.  I guess I've always felt like I would be disappointed or let down with the whole team process in some way.  So when I joined this networking team I questioned if the members would all be team players.
By now your probably wonder where I 'm going with this and where does Dutch Felt Art come in. Well, patience my dear I'm getting to it. This is where I met the Curator to WWES World Wide Etsy Seller, Monique Smelik.
Now I find myself a part of not 1 but 2 teams. But, for now I'm speaking of the 1st team I joined and that would be WWES (World Wide Etsy Sellers)

This team has turned out for me to be the best decision I could have made not just for the networking and promoting of my little Vintage Etsy shop but for learning that kind and generous strangers do exist. I don't know any one personally on this team but I know they have my back. They have become my friends and I enjoy communicating with them on twitter and supporting them as they have me.

I give Monica the credit for showing her support to everyone and her ability to be a team leader. She had a vision and she is making it come to light, I'm sure she'll be the 1st one to say it ain't easy being the top dog, the boss or team leader. But; she stays tough and doesn't waver from the path that she knows will benefit every wwes member.  

 Enough said; now I really want to show you her creativity at work
Nuno Felt Scarf Merino Silk Orange and Brown

 Nuno Felt Scarf Lavender, Pink & Lace

In her own words, She believes that beautiful things can be made with materials straight out from mother nature.
And she makes all her items with love and great pleasure, and her daughter is her greatest inspiration.
The process of wet felting is although very intensive Monique also finds very relaxing.
Working with fibers is like painting and makes life natural and beautiful.
When she is creating a certain item she is always inspired to create another.

Monique lives in the Netherlands which is a long way from me in New York.  I took a trip to Europe a few years back but never made it to the Netherlands. Next time I go to visit my daughter in Belgium you can bet I will be looking Monique up for a visit.

You can also check out more of her designs at her  Dutch Felt Art Website

 Felt Silk & Glass Peacock Necklace

 Newborn Felted Baby Booties

Alpaca Handknitted Poncho

This is so gorgeous. A poncho from 100% handspun, undyed Alpaca Roving.
It closes with felted balls.
Fringes are from Wensleydale locks

Hearted Felt Purse 
his is a 100% wool felt purse with wet-felted hearts on it. It is cotton lined and closes with a zipper. Lovely children's bag or purse around your neck.

Felt Brooch Flower
Double felted brooch in yellow, rust and orange colors. Makes your simple outfit extravagant!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Etsy Featured Shop - Bungelowjame Jewelrey designer and inventive creator

It was very difficult for me to pick who I was going to feature as my 1st Etsy shop blog post. There are so many wonder and creative people and artisans on Etsy that I have come to know and love. But my intentions are to have each and everyone featured.

     But, I must start with the one who's shop I have spent most of my time and money in. That shop is ga_search_type=seller_usernames .
     Jamie Creason resides in California  and is also conscious of the mark she will make on the plant as am I. She recycle's and reuses everything she can, which is good for us all.  Jamie has been selling on Etsy since November of 2009 where she is making a name for herself one piece at a time. Like myself she loves to garden as well and judging by her garden pictures she gardens as creatively as she designs her jewelry pieces.

In Jamie's words she has always been creative, and has love to paint and take photos. She is inspired by everything "vintage." Here Granmama loved her "costume" jewelry and those pieces are what she is using as inspiration for her designs (along with some funky stuff just for fun). She loves to garden, cook and bake, and also loves the beach, boogie boarding and snow. She lives in Northern you can do that all in one day if you so wish.

     I want to start off showing you some custom designs she has created for me. This is the most recent piece I purchased. Jamie had the turquoise brooch listed in her shop as a necklace. I asked her if she could design a piece for me using a brooch like it and so she did just that. She removed it from her shop and with some of the things I told her I liked and that inspired me she created this lovely and eye catching brooch.  As you can see it is a delight to wear.

Custom Brooch for Judy

Custom Butterfly Brooch for Judy

Custom Brooch for Judy

This is the first piece I bought and it is so romantic and elegant.

Victorian Cameo vintage inspired collage brooch mixed media upcycled romantic feminine

     So there they are, the brooches that make people stop and ask where did you get that beautiful pin.
And of course I answer back from a designer on Etsy you can find her shop by typing in bungelowjame no I.

Why do I only buy brooches you ask, Well,  because I am allergic to the metal's that is used in jewelry so i have to keep to pin's so the metal doesn't touch my skin.

Jamie also designs necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets.

1930's Art Deco black white silver dangle earrings upcycled beads modern sleek Mothers Day

Sparrow seamstress scissor pendant vintage inspired silver pink sage green rose hearts necklace romantic feminine

Handmade bracelet Victorian Gothic repurposed vintage red lucite bead red crystals vintage Victorian style romantic

     Her jewelry is lovingly created with an eye for vintage flair, and the occasional whimsical feel. She loves to recycle old pieces of jewelry and recreate lovely vintage style items. Each piece she creates is one of a kind, she never duplicates a design, so when you purchase a piece, you will know that you have the only one.

Ring adjustable handmade blue tulips and sparrow mixed media assemblage Mothers Day romantic nature

     She is an avid organic gardener and I really tries to salvage and recycle everything she can.
Jame is contently creating new pieces and adding them daily so you should favorite her shop and stop by often to see whats new.  If you see something that inspires you like i did, I'm sure she would be more than happy to custom design a piece for you.

Jamie is a proud member of the SF Etsy Team which is a local team for Etsy sellers in the San Francisco Bay Area.

And also proud to be a member of the World Wide Esty Sellers on Twitter: check us out at #WWES some awesome talented folks!

Jamie also has a beautiful blog

Life at the Bungelow musings about life, art and the garden
So there it is my very 1st Etsy shop Feature on my kinda new Blog. It's all a learning experience as is life itself.

Don't forget to ♥ㄥi v モ ♥ㄥa u g h ♥ㄥo v モ