Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Eve at our Little Country Church 12-24-2010

Welcome to our Little Country Church in Upstate New York. 
This is a Community Church and it is on the Historical Registry.

Come on in........... My husband is just inside the doors ready to greet you. The music is playing, people are gathering..... Oh Come all Ye Faithful .....Peace on Earth Good will to men.

There he is, I wonder what he thinking?  

The tree ahead is adorned with over 100 Red bows hand tied by our Pastor when he was ill a few years back  and over 100 Pewter Ornaments with names of Loved ones whom has passed. 

This is my husband's and my 5th Christmas Eve in this lovely Church. 5 years ago Christmas Eve we were going home from a friends house for dinner and as we passed by this Church on our way home I noticed the doors were open and I thought how nice it would be to go inside. 

Me being the adventurous type would have stopped the car right then, but my husband was driving and needed some convincing. It only took me a few minutes to do that convincing and few miles down the road  he turned the car around.  Perfect timing, because

  the service hadn't started yet so we found a few empty seats in the balcony (that's the view in the picture above).  Every year we go to the balcony and sit in those same seats and remember the years past, all our loved ones that aren't with us anymore, the Happy times we've shared, all the  memories we've made and shared with friends and family. And the hope we'll share more. 

Merry Christmas Everyone