Saturday, August 31, 2013

Can't believe Labor Day Weekend is already here

Seems it was just a few days ago the snow melted to reveal the Crocuses and Daffodils. Here it is Labor Day weekend and our 22 year Anniversary I might add, and the Golden Rod is in full bloom and the Green Houses are loaded with Potted Mums for the Fall Decorating. My husband had these awesome flowers delivered to me at work yesterday with a hand written note too.  Sweet Guy

I enjoyed the 1/2 Price perennial Sale at my local Green House yesterday. I filled the back of my Escape with them all.
They are the ones on the stone wall under the window. I had hopes of planting them today but it decided to rain here in Central New York. Giving Thanks this is a long weekend so I have a few more days. My Husband completed a task this morning before the rain came, a much needed fence to hold up all the rose buses I planted, they're deadly when you try to walk by them or mow.

This garden is where I will be planting all of the new plants I bought yesterday, I have a feeling the garden is going to be growing.

My husband also secured this metal bucket for the garden hose next to my outside shower. (only used to wash the mud off after working in the garden) Now with the garden hose wrapped up the water will be able to be warmed by the sun so It's not always a cold shower. Before the bucket the hose was just laying on the ground.  And the bucket will also hold the sponge and stuff needed for washing the vehicles/mowers/ATV's.... 

Well that's whats happened around here in the past 24 hours. 
NOTICE: I will be announcing the September Giveaway this weekend so Please stay tuned and come on over and enter to win what ever it may be.