Saturday, February 12, 2011

Serious Chocolate Swap by Etsy Cottage Style

I am a member of the Etsy Cottage Style Team and this month we had a Chocolate Swap.

Well; it didn't take me long to agree to participate, I mean we're taking Chocolate after all.  We were paired up and my partner in this swap was Jacalyn from RME Boutique I received my chocolates in record time, carefully package and with many surprises.  I told her I loved white chocolate and raspberry creams and she sure did deliver.

Jacalyn sent me a wonderful smelling rose scented envelope and even a hand written note for me. Those are the special touches that mean so much.  Check out her blog and read about the swap and take a look at more pictures of Chocolate.

The pictures below are of the Parson's Daughter in Norwich, NY  -  This is where I bought the chocolate's I sent to Jacalyn.

The Parson's Daughter is a store of "confections and particular oddities". The outside of the building is beautiful, with huge doors that are like entering an old Victorian home.
 The outside of the shop is so welcoming and say's come on in.

The Parson's Daughter found its place in the oldest commercial building in town.
 This is the case I picked out the chocolates for the swap. I wanted to send Jacalyn one of each but, we did have a $ amount set.

Meet the owner of this wonderful shop her name is Sharon Jeffer, I took her by surprise when I walked in with my camera but she was willing to let me take the picture's I needed. She's wonderful like that.

 When you walk in the door you immediately smell the sweets and are welcomed in by the owner herself. While I was there a few other customers came in to shop. Notice the two doors in the back, they both lead you to rooms full of vintage items, oddities and handmade pieces.

 This is what I sent Jacalyn for the swap. I couldn't open it because it was sealed shut.

I couldn't wait to open the box she sent me and almost forgot to take some pictures.  Look at everything she sent me, I couldn't believe the time and care she put into it. She is a true professional. 

 I think she went over the budget, don't you.

 It took me about 2 minutes to taste my first piece of white chocolate. 

She even sent me some sponge candy special to her area, they were delicious.

I want to Thank the Etsy Cottage Style team and Jacalyn for this opportunity. I have enjoyed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!