Friday, April 22, 2011

Get to know the Artist behind the fabric at the White Oak Room on Etsy And Enter to Win $20 off your next purchase from the White Oak Room

I have been impressed with the Pillows from the White Oak Room for awhile now. I love the fabric and the detail of each one she creates.  And I consider myself fortunate to have been given 4 of them as a gift from a friend who had no idea Jayne and I were friends.  They are similar to this one, all  having a different  inspirational message for me to enjoy. 

Jayne and I have been friends for 20 yrs, she was the first person I met when I moved to the area and I have treasured her friendship ever since.  I asked her several questions I felt would let you get to know her a little better. 

Meet Jayne, from the White Oak Room

Here's a look at her office space where she spends countless hours creating Treasures for us on Etsy, Chatting with friends, Tweeting and using Facebook. Oh, not to mention Shopping on Etsy. 

1. Where do you find your inspiration for your beautiful creations? 

1) My "Inspiration for my Creations" is very simple~ "SIMPLE LOVE OF FABRICS" ~ all the different textures, patterns, colors, etc. I would change all my rooms for every season if I could. In some ways "I DO~ PILLOWS!" Simply changing the Pillow Covers and you have a new look, new feel , new colors added to the room.

Fabric has the "Power" to make your "House A Home" So simple to change the Pillow Cover to a rustic feel, french country, shabby chic, traditional, whatever your heart desires

I also have another "Inspiration for my Creations" ~ I love wood! I have found a wonderful Etsy Shop called "A Remark You Made" and Brenda makes gorgeous Wood Buttons! So between the gorgeous patterns, textures, colors of the Fabrics, I get to feel and play with different "Grains and color tones of the Wood Buttons" Now who wouldn't love that?

My ""Inspiration for Creating" the Doll Sleeping Bags came from my Granddaughter. Her and I have a common love~ American Girl Dolls. So I decided to try making bedding for my dolls and hers! That is where I got the idea for the Sleeping Bags. She was one very "excited little girl" when she saw all the Sleeping Bags! Only to find out Grandma was selling them. Oh have no fear- each one of her dolls have a ( Special One!) Yes, I am Grandma and I can use Special ( it's part of the spoiling process we do~)

2. When did you begin sewing?

2) I started sewing about 10 years ago. I first bought Fabric that I loved and wanted to make into a Shower Curtain- who would not love a "Chenille Shower Curtain?" See with fabric, I have no rules! Yes-Chenille Shower Curtain! It's not just for Bedspreads, Bathrobes and Pillows! In my world it can be a Shower Curtain.

So 2 weeks later I bought the Sewing Machine ( yes- I bought the fabric before the machine~) I did learn to sew in High School and that was for about 2 months. The only thing I remembered was the machine had a bobbin! Thank-goodness the Machine came with instructions!

So I had the machine and the fabric World was mine to explore! And I did. Everyone room in the house got New Curtains, New Pillows...anything I thought I could make - I tried!

3. Are you a member of any Etsy Teams?
3) I am currently on 3 Etsy Teams. They are TAGT Team, Treasure Lover and On Fire for Homemade. My TAGT Team is very busy, but we have a lot of fun. Being on a Team is a wonderful way to meet people. Have others give you Honest Opinions on your shop and ways to improve the look of your shop. Everyone needs support and that's what is so wonderful about Teams!

I will admit, somedays we are more interested in "chatting" than working! But the good news is, NO BOSS OVER YOUR SHOULDER! But we do have Captains and they give "gentle" reminders to take it to the "chat room!" See even big girls get in trouble for talking to much! LOL

4. Have you made Friends on Etsy?
4) The "Friends" that I have meet on Etsy are wonderful. I love the fact that I can say Good Morning to one group- then say Good Afternoon to the next! They are all over the World. What a great History Lesson. I don't remember History being so much fun in School? But truthfully, Friends that you make on Etsy all have the same goal, TO HELP ONE ANOTHER GROW, LEARN, AND TO BE SUCCESSFUL on ETSY. Some I actually refer to them as my Sisters! Love my Etsy friends!!

5. What if anything would you like people to know about yourself?

5) My introduction to Etsy was my Dear Friend who has this Blog~ I worked in the Corporate world for over 26 years. I had to give up my job due to some health issues. My world was ripped apart at that moment. It's amazing how much one gives to their Employer and how little we get in return. All my friends were still there ( or so I thought?) , my income, benefits, etc. gone! So Judy kept telling me about Etsy, Etsy, Etsy. Honestly I listen with one ear ( Sorry Judy!) Finally one day I listened with both ears! Maybe I could sew my Pillows and Place Mats! Maybe people would like them? Then next came the "I don't think my bad neck, shoulder and arm will not let me sew?" After thinking about it, I decided lets try! So I ordered up fabric ( I mean ORDERED FABRIC.....) and started making Pillows, Place Mats and then the Sleeping Bags.

Nice thing about being your own boss, if my shoulder and neck are bad, I don't sew that day or two! There have been times I did put myself on "Mandatory Overtime" LOL~ But I'm doing what I love!

I no longer have a "Kitchen-it is officially my SEWING ROOM!" and it is a big Kitchen so I can move things and still have the bar area for eating! ( Also~ I can do that, there is a Family Owned Restaurant 2 doors up the road with fantastic food! ) I have one room downstairs that we call the "Playroom" ( from when I was a child growing up in this house) that has become half Office area and Granddaughters Playroom! Works out great when they are here, we are all PLAYING Together!!

The house that I live in was my Families home. After the lose of my Parents, my Husband and I moved in. We went from a Single Wide Trailer and a Big 2-story home. The Kitchen is almost as big as our trailer was! Amazing- I don't have enough room at times?
You will see in the photos, I have also taken over one of the upstairs bedrooms for all my storage of fabrics and finished items! Oh and the photo shots!

6. How would you describe your style?

6) I love to call my "style" Potterybarn Country! I want everything in Potterybarn, which is another reason for my sewing! I can make it, I can have a Potterybarn House!

7. Do you buy on Etsy? If so, what do you like to buy?

7) Who does not love BUYING OFF ETSY? I have my favorite "Button Lady", my Favorite "Tag Lady" Through the Woods , my favorite "American Girl Doll Clothes Lady" and I have even found a favorite watercolor Artist who paints Young Red-Headed Ladies from Norway! I have 2 of her paintings in my Office/Play Room. I get my "Linen Fabrics, Leather Fabrics and some of the Cotton Fabrics" Unique Shiny from an Etsy Shop in Korea! She is a real sweetheart too!

Love shopping on Etsy! My Granddaughter's Easter gifts are from Etsy. There is amazing talent on Etsy. Oh and I can't forget my "Vintage Industrial Wood Stools" for all my trims came from Etsy. Love shopping!! Very hard NOT to click to "Add to Cart Button!"

8. What Message, if any would you like to give our readers?

8) As I mentioned above about the working in the Corporate World and all my Friends still being there. Amazingly and "Thank-You God" for this blessing in disguise with my Health Issue- Etsy has truly turned my World around for the BETTER! I'm not making millions on it, but, I have found so much happiness and fulfillment in my sewing and having my Shop, meeting new and wonderful, wonderful people. I truly do "Thank-God for this!" There is a purpose for all of this. I do not have it all figure out completely. But I do know I'm on the right track now.

I make a "difference in other people's lives now." They purchase my Covers, place mats and sleeping bags and I hear wonderful stories back from them. How it was a gift and how much the person loved it. Or some little girl was so excited with the sleeping bag for her doll. Or someone's House Warming gift was my Place Mats... Never would I have thought 10 years ago buying Chenille Fabric and a Sewing Machine would give ME such joy and purpose in life!

9. Do you have any tips for starting an Etsy Shop?

9) If you are someone just starting an Etsy Shop- I say "stay with it" ~ It takes time to get your name and product out there. But DON"T GIVE UP! ""Join a Team"", they help promote your Shop, they give great ideas for making your shop look better, tips on taking photos. Lets not forget Treasury making! Open a Facebook account for your Shop or promote your Shop on your current facebook site. Twitter (if you have time!). Get those Business Cards made and HAND THEM OUT! Donate to locate Organization that are looking for donations in raising money (MAKE SURE YOUR CARD IS ON IT~) Place your cards at the Post Office, Locate Stores, Diners!

You will have a fantastic month and so busy. THEN- nothing for a month. It's up and down. BUT don't give up. Stand tall and stay strong! You will make friends along the way. Talk it out with them, we all love to help one another as I said before. We "LOVE TO SHARE THE LOVE ON ETSY!

10. How did you start selling on Etsy?


Happy Spring to Everyone! Happy Shopping on Etsy to everyone!

Jayne Brown of ~ White Oak Room ~

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring Fling Sale On Etsy

Two great Etsy Teams are teaming up to bring you a SPRING FLING SALE. The Vintage Market Team or #vmteam on twitter and the Vintage Etsy Twitter Team or #vett on twitter have teamed up. I am a proud member of both teams.
The Sale runs from today Thursday April 21 until Monday May 2nd.  All Participating Shops are listed here by searching tag "vtgspring" in the Etsy drop down menu you can find all the items on sale easily. See each participating Shop for details for their Sale. As of right now there is over 1780 items on Sale.

What better way to bring in the Spring then to have a Sale of Unique items from Days gone by. Now is the perfect time to buy those items you have had your eye on.  There are lots of great Easter Gift Ideas, don't forget Mothers Day and Father Day is fast approaching. 

This is also the perfect way to Reusing, Recycling and Re-purposing  items from the past. Going Green with Vintage is a great way to save our Natural Resources and space in our Landfills.