Monday, June 28, 2010

Please take a stroll in my Garden full of magic & merriment where the Fairy's & Sprits dance & sing.

Take a seat if you wish or just meander around. It's now July 28th in Central New York State. The Tiger Lillie's are in bloom as are the Clementis. The Bee Balm will be shortly along with the Day Lillie's.
The Garden Chair

Tiger Lillie's

A sad sad thing happened last week, My Husband being ever so kind mowed my Garden for me. And there used to be a double Clementis growing up my Blue Bottle Bush. I didn't make a big deal out of it, I was Thankful. I see some growth so there is hope for next year. 
The Chairs could use some company.

This is my Hops, and no I haven't made any  Beer yet. 
Thank You!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Meet my Twitter Pal and Etsy Vintage shop Owner with an Eye for Fabulous Funky Finds & Midcentury Masterpieces

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 Meet Maya as she ponders the Universe

She's got it all, the body, mind and personality. She has a keen and sharp mind for business and a wonderful knack for finding just the right fabulous vintage piece's to sell in her shop. I need to learn a thing or two from this lady, from her clear photo taking to the colorful descriptions she uses in her listing.  I'm talking about Kathleen the owner and operator of 2 shops on Etsy not her cute adorable little puppy Maya above.

Kathleen is witty and Oh so very wise. I have dubbed her the Wise One.  Not just her children seek out her opinion and advice, but also other family members, friends and total strangers look her up to get the answers that they seek, I'm sure.  She has helped me out on several occasions with the knowledge and expertise she has not only with my Etsy shop, but also on man and dog issues, please don't confuse one with the other, they both need a different kind of care. I also know she holds the key to THE Secret and my favorite World Domination, which she is continually working on perfecting.

It's not all business however, Vintageeye likes to have a good time just like the rest of us.  I have the best time tweeting with my dear friend and tweeter buddy. We set a play date recently and I had such a great time tweeting back and forth. I lost track of time and laughed through the whole tweeting visit. We love it when other twittermates come out to play like, , , just to name a few. Ask anyone of them and I'm sure they will say they have enjoyed our twitter time together as much as I have.

YOU didn't know that Kathleen has 2 Etsy shops her first shop has over 370 fabulouslicious items for your enjoyment from mustard and ketchup dispensers to a picnic basket to put them in.
Her other shop is full of OOAK art work to Ephemera supplies, 100 items in all

I remember having these camping when I was a child and still use them for picnics or BBQ's

Did someone say Picnic

 Times up!!

For those of you that are on twitter and have noticed the chatter or tweets between vintageeye and myself on occasions also have had a few laughs as well. She is sharp and quick witted, she can explain her feelings in the most colorful & funniest of ways. If you have been lucky enough to have her mention your shop or blog I can bet it has got a lot of attention.  Her vocabulary is her very own unique style and leaves me shaking my head in wonderment when I read words like, Hippiedippieshamilicious, Retrolicious and Technophobic. 

She can banter back and forth with ease and I completely loose track of time. It's 4:00 before I know it and I haven't even started dinner yet and Hubby is due to walk in the door at 4:30.  I haven't even done half the things I'd planned on accomplishing in my Etsy shop and on my blog but Kathleen has been hard at work in her shops and tweeting and re-tweet the hole time. I have come to learn she is also the master of multitasking. 
Well enough about how much fun I've had getting to know this marvelous, wonderfully spectacular lady with a heart of gold and a sense of humor we all wish we had.

Lollipop lollipop Original painting

Cutest Daisy Applique's

Cha Cha Cha

Although I have never met Kathleen I hope too one day.  I'm also hoping now that you take the time to browse her shops for that special item you have been searching for and follow her on twitter. There is no doubt that you will have the most joyous and fun time as do I each time I log on.