Monday, June 28, 2010

Please take a stroll in my Garden full of magic & merriment where the Fairy's & Sprits dance & sing.

Take a seat if you wish or just meander around. It's now July 28th in Central New York State. The Tiger Lillie's are in bloom as are the Clementis. The Bee Balm will be shortly along with the Day Lillie's.
The Garden Chair

Tiger Lillie's

A sad sad thing happened last week, My Husband being ever so kind mowed my Garden for me. And there used to be a double Clementis growing up my Blue Bottle Bush. I didn't make a big deal out of it, I was Thankful. I see some growth so there is hope for next year. 
The Chairs could use some company.

This is my Hops, and no I haven't made any  Beer yet. 
Thank You!!

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Jamie said...

I am in love with your land and home. Your gardens are beautiful and I am envious of the space you have. I also like your bottle tree! Very Southern! ;)
I shall pretend it is my garden :)