Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bee Balm in Bloom

Yes, I know most peoples Bee Balm in Central NY has come and gone by now but my growing season is about 2 weeks behind most peoples. Take a peek!!!!

It is the focal point of my Garden right now

Notice the chair on the deck, the wild Morning Glory is taking over

The Day Lillies are equally spectacular

That black spot you see is my Dog Max taking a stroll through the garden

The photo above is the only Pink Bee Balm flower I found, it was kinda drowned out by the large red flowers but I'm hoping it will come back stronger next year.

 Corn Flower

Tiger Lilly


Thanks for taking a stroll through my Garden.


Amanda Kelsey said...

You garden is beautiful!

the home repeated said...

Wow, such a beautiful garden! Just stunning...and so is your photographs of it. I bet they don't do it justtice, though. I would love to see it in person!

Marty said...

I stumbled onto your blog and wanted to tell you that you have a lovely garden!! What a treat it must be to be able to take a stroll through nature's beauty that you helped create! =)

Take care!