Wednesday, July 28, 2010

If Christmas is in July Then New Years Day must be in August.

To celebrate New Years Eve (NYE) I wanted to have my 1st give away.

So I've been thinking, I don't want to make it difficult for anyone to enter but it must be somewhat of a challenge and fun too of course. So keeping with a New Years theme and reminiscing back through this past year, tell us all what you are most grateful for.  You might know right away or you might need to give it some thought but everyone is grateful for something and should be able to enter my give away.

I have so many things to be grateful for each day that I have a hard time choosing. Some are huge events in my life & some not so huge. Some were near misses and some hit head on but good has come from the experience and sadness.  Heck I'm grateful waking up and putting both feet on the floor each day but that won't win no stinkin contest.

The winner will be chosen by my husband on August 2nd and will be announced on twitter and here on my blog. I will contact the winner either via email, Twitter DM or Etsy convo. 

So keeping with my indecisiveness I'm offering 5 items for you to choose from if you are the winner.  Please keep in mind the items are all previously owned. Some are vintage and some aren't so old.

The blue retro flower lite works fine, the Lassie Comic book is Dell Dated  July - Sept 1959, The embroidered /cross stitched bag has a snap closure and is lined (does have a couple small stains on the back and 1 in the lower left front corner, The handkerchief is in great condition in the original box and the child's birthstone February/ Amethyst bracelet is Avon 1992.
Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.

1. Tell us what you are most grateful for this past year. Remember my husband is very sensitive and in touch with his famine side (kinda) meaning if he cries or gets teary eyed you will probably win.

2. Don't forget your email address, your Etsy shop name or your twitter name so I can contact you if you are  chosen by my loving and very sensitive husband as the winner.You can use all three and of course put your shop link down to get some exposure.

If I have forgotten something I should have remembered to put down, I guess it wouldn't hurt to let me know what it is so i can change it.

Blessings to you always


Anonymous said...

Hi Judy - beautiful garden! I am grateful for so many things. Every day I'm grateful for amazing place where we live. We stumbled across the area almost by accident and have found wonderful people, loads of creative energy, and the food - in addition to some fantastic restaurants, we are incredibly lucky to have consistent access to fresh, local, sustainably produced food. If I happen to win, you can find me in my shop trying to find new homes for vintage goodies:

Glass of Many Colors said...

Hi Judy & Husband!
Great writing that makes you stop and think on the good things! Love it! I am thankful for a forgiving God who has provided me with a wonderfully loving and supportive wife and family to live this life with. Everyday is a gift with family, friends and acquaintances! People who all care for one another is something to be thankful for. And again thank you for this moment of peaceful reflection.
Glass of Many Colors Stained Glass
Holiday FL

lolamichele said...

my husband and I have 3 children and I am a stay at home mom. on his income alone (well + loads of coupon clipping and creative cooking) we have managed to pay off all our debt this year and purchased our first home (of your own) in april. :D I am incredibly grateful for him and all his hard work to keep our family going. on top of that, he will be going back to school in a few weeks while working full tine. he is such a perfect and wonderful man.

boswife @ gmail . com

Totally Unique Treasures said...

Hi, So nice to hear about everyone's thankfulness. I am thankful this year for my husband and my father. I am a Katrina survivor that went back and tried to rebuild for 2 years after the dastardly storm, that took everything away from me, including my ex husband, in which because of the storm, made him rethink his life and I was no longer a part of. That was about 3 months after the storm. About a month or so after that I connected with a man that is now my husband and he too had lost everything during the storm, his business of 28 years, his home and his ex wife too decided that after 28 years of marriage that this storm changed her attitude about their marriage too. She even dumped him while they were still evacuated from the storm.
We tried for a while to rebuild to no avail and that is when my father stepped in and let us come live with him in Texas on his 7 acre estate. So I am very thankful that even during and in the aftermath of one of the most damaging natural disasters in American history, that 1. my life was spared, 2. I met and married my wonderful husband, who is very good to me, and is always there for me, and 3. My wonderful father, who is helping us to recoup and restart our lives by letting us stay with him, as long as we need to.
Most people now say, Oh that storm was over 5 years ago, get over it already, but it has not been easy and there are some things you lose that you will never ever get back. Thanks again for this heart felt contest.
You can find me here:

Shari said...

Didn't know you blogged!! I don't need to win anything...just wanted to comment! I am grateful for every single day and the opportunities that each day presents.
-hugs, shari :)

Arlena said...

I am mostly grateful for the way my life seems to be falling into place, bit by bit. Nothing big, nothing earth shattering, no lotteries...just everyday peace and calm, getting all that I need, when I need it, with little bits of joy sprinkled on top!!

I am grateful for my husband of 28 years, and my "small but mighty" group of family and friends, this is what makes life worthwhile.
Thanks for this nice opportunity to express my gratitude..Happy New Year to you and your family!
Arlena @Claire's Faire

Finding Charm said...

What a thoughtful idea. I like to read other people's stories, good or bad.
It's been a trying year for my family. I'll give a short synopsis. It started with my mom tripping and crashing down with a gate ontop of our 4 pound yorkie. We weren't sure if he was going to make it. Our dogs are our babies. He couldn't walk for days and his eye was damaged. He has physically recovered and vets call it a miracle. My mom was hurt in the accident as well and the guilt has really plagued her all year. She was afraid to touch him or be left alone with him. All this was going on while my mom was already sick with a tumor that doctors were hem hawing about what to do. Finally got the surgery scheduled for last week and we're tumor and cancer free. I am grateful for having a great job where I can take off and work from home and take care of my mom and our babies these 2 big trips home.

sewmeow said...

I am thankful for this age of technology and my computer and being a new cell phone user, so I can meet new quilting people in different groups, sell on Ebay and do my quilt stuff on Etsy, blog, tweet, FB, and talk to my sister in another state 2-4 times a day. I live alone with 3 cats, and this computer age is marvelous company. I Love shopping for quilt fabrics/goodies online, doing medical research on the computer, sharing pictures with family via phone/'s mind boggling!

vintage eye said...

I am grateful for my Sugar Pants!