Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dutch Felt Art, Artisan and WWES curator

I've gotta tell ya, that I have never been a member of a team or group willingly before.  I Kinda felt more secure just watching and only being responsible for me, myself and I. Not that I am selfish in anyway but don't like to get my expectations high just to have someone other than myself burst my bubble, if you know what I mean.  I guess I've always felt like I would be disappointed or let down with the whole team process in some way.  So when I joined this networking team I questioned if the members would all be team players.
By now your probably wonder where I 'm going with this and where does Dutch Felt Art come in. Well, patience my dear I'm getting to it. This is where I met the Curator to WWES World Wide Etsy Seller, Monique Smelik.
Now I find myself a part of not 1 but 2 teams. But, for now I'm speaking of the 1st team I joined and that would be WWES (World Wide Etsy Sellers)

This team has turned out for me to be the best decision I could have made not just for the networking and promoting of my little Vintage Etsy shop but for learning that kind and generous strangers do exist. I don't know any one personally on this team but I know they have my back. They have become my friends and I enjoy communicating with them on twitter and supporting them as they have me.

I give Monica the credit for showing her support to everyone and her ability to be a team leader. She had a vision and she is making it come to light, I'm sure she'll be the 1st one to say it ain't easy being the top dog, the boss or team leader. But; she stays tough and doesn't waver from the path that she knows will benefit every wwes member.  

 Enough said; now I really want to show you her creativity at work
Nuno Felt Scarf Merino Silk Orange and Brown

 Nuno Felt Scarf Lavender, Pink & Lace

In her own words, She believes that beautiful things can be made with materials straight out from mother nature.
And she makes all her items with love and great pleasure, and her daughter is her greatest inspiration.
The process of wet felting is although very intensive Monique also finds very relaxing.
Working with fibers is like painting and makes life natural and beautiful.
When she is creating a certain item she is always inspired to create another.

Monique lives in the Netherlands which is a long way from me in New York.  I took a trip to Europe a few years back but never made it to the Netherlands. Next time I go to visit my daughter in Belgium you can bet I will be looking Monique up for a visit.

You can also check out more of her designs at her  Dutch Felt Art Website

 Felt Silk & Glass Peacock Necklace

 Newborn Felted Baby Booties

Alpaca Handknitted Poncho

This is so gorgeous. A poncho from 100% handspun, undyed Alpaca Roving.
It closes with felted balls.
Fringes are from Wensleydale locks

Hearted Felt Purse 
his is a 100% wool felt purse with wet-felted hearts on it. It is cotton lined and closes with a zipper. Lovely children's bag or purse around your neck.

Felt Brooch Flower
Double felted brooch in yellow, rust and orange colors. Makes your simple outfit extravagant!


Jamie Creason said...

Awesome feature~ couldn't have picked a more deserving artisan! Monique work on both her felted pieces and the WWES group is remarkable!

Dutchfeltart said...

Wow Judy, I can't explain how flattered I am to be in your awsome blog! Thank you so much! xoxo Monique

Faerie Moon Creations said...

What a wonderful feature! Monique has shown me nothing but kindness, as have all of the members of WWES. She works hard to help promote all of us, and this was such a wonderful tribute to her work through WWES and also her great artistic talents. Bravo, Judy! Theresa

Jaci said...

I have enjoyed reading not only this post but several of the other ones. Thanks for sharing with us :)

jenniferlynnstudio said...

A great tribute to a lovely lady who gives of her time and support, to help others. I am so happy that you featured, Monique, the lady and the artisian in this blog...she truly deserves this praise! A proud member of the #wwes team! Thank you, Judy!

Glass of Many Colors said...

Monique certainly deserves the compliments placed here and elsewhere! She has a wonderful shop full of warmth and love. In addition she has created the WWES which has greatly contributed to our shop's success as well! It takes time, love, a vision, and above all dedication to make a venture work. Monique's drive has benefited many people worldwide and we sincerely appreciate her and all she does!