Saturday, May 14, 2011

Finish up Day 2 of my Road Trip with my Sisters

So where was I.... Oh yes, Gail and I arrived back to my sister house to freshen up from the trip to Assateaque Island and surrounding sites.

Remembering we have a schedule to keep we only stayed a few minutes and then off to Easton to pick up Sue from her fun Job (working in a quilt shop). We arrived early, so we took some time to walk around jumping in and out of all the little shops. I was hoping to find the perfect gift to give my friend Mary that we were meeting for dinner, but I never did.

This is Sue Locking the door of the Quilt Shop

So we left Gail's car at the shop and piled into Sue's SUV to travel across THE BRIDGE (Bay Bridge). First stop is a tour of Washington, DC. I again have never been there, Gail and Sue both have. My sister Sue has  a great sense of direction and is a marvelous tour guide. She knows all the hot spots and hubs to drive by. We were pressed for time so only drove around as she pointed out all the key spots.

The White House seemed small in comparison to the rest of the buildings to me.

Sorry for the dark picture but it's evening by now
Secret Service on Motorcycle's

The Tour of Downtown DC took about 35 minutes to complete

We had dinner reservation at the Overwood in Old Town Alexandria at 7 O'clock so we need to hurry.

I can't tell you how much fun we all had that night, Well you can see by the smiles on our faces. 

Well that about does it, we left the restaurant around 9:30, walked Mary to her car and then she drove us to ours, Hugs to everyone and away we all went.  We arrived back at Sue's around Midnight and we were on the road the next day at 10 O'clock for the drive to New York State. It only took around 6 hrs to reach my vehicle and another hour for me to get home.I had a wonderful time as you can imagine but It was nice to see my Darling Husband, cats and dogs again. 


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Aren't those the Real Housewives of DC?? ;)