Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day 2 of my road trip with my Sisters.

So It's Saturday, the 2nd day of visiting my Sister (Sue) in Maryland.  Woke up early around 7 a.m. Coming in last night I noticed a Yard Sale sign at the end of her road.  The head lights light it up perfectly, it started at 8 a.m., Perfect I thought, what a great way to start the day.

Sue had to work until 5, so the plans were to be in Easton by then. We were leaving one vehicle there while Sue (I want to stress that Sue was driving) could drive us into DC on the way to Old Town Alexadria where we were meeting up with a friend of mine for dinner.  So we figured we had until 3 p.m. before we had to start heading back towards the Chesapeake Bay.

So it was up to Gail and I to map out our day of adventure. With only 3 goals in mind, To find the Thrift Store, See the ponies and the Atlantic Ocean. We did have Tom Tom my GPS, which BTW doesn't help much if you don't have an address and not at all when the address is wrong.
Me having no directional instinct at all and Gail not much better off, we headed out. The first stop was easy, just a few houses down the road. I found this awesome Nautical Lamp and a couple other things I haven't listed yet. Finished up there and

Off to the Assateague Island.  I heard of a Thrift Store in Salisbury and wanted to stop in on the way, I had their address and entered into the GPS, or at least I thought It was the address. We drove around down town Salisbury never finding the darn store, Stopped for gas and had to ask for directions out of the city toward Assateaque Island. Oh, I forgot Sue also said there was this cute town on the way that we should drive through, called Berlin. Sounded Great to us. We took the right turn to Berlin, MD off of Rt 50,  found a place to park and started walking. We came around the parking lot corner and when I looked up I couldn't believe it, there was a Thrift Store right in front of us. I power of intention is very powerful.
The Church Mouse Thrift Shop
It was a delightful place, not very big, but full of wonderful treasure's 

We found out that Berlin is famous for having 2 motion pictures filmed there. Tuck Everlasting and Runaway Bride. Who Knew!!!  It is a great Small Town and I hope I can visit again. 

The Atlantic Hotel

We asked about the Island and was given great Directions to it, It was only 7 miles away.

It was a calm day but chilly
 Driving across to the Island

The Ponies
I wasn't really to impressed with the ponies accept the fact that I got to see them, They looked and acted like  any other horse I'd seen. Nothing to spectacular.  On the way out of the park we stopped at the visitors center and learned more about them. There are over 100 ponies on the island and are the property of Maryland. The ponies we saw are from the northern heard and are very domesticated or (tame). That explains it, If I wanted to see the "wild" ponies we would have to walk or take a sand vehicle 50 miles south. No thanks, not this time.
My feet were in the sand not the water. The water crashing into the beach was very loud, a lot louder than I thought it would be.
I wonder what Gail is thinking.
Well that was about it, we paid $15 (for a week pass) and spent 15 minutes total in the park. We saw the Atlantic Ocean and the Ponies 2 outta 3 aint bad.  They really should have a hour pass. On the way back home we stopped for a bit to eat in Salisbury thinking maybe we could try to find the Thrift Store again but realized we didn't have enough time. We gave the pass to the cashier that said she would use it. I like to Pay it Forward whenever possible.

Reached my Sister house, changed cloths and off we went to Easton, MD.

To be Continued.....................


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