Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Shutter Angel

My Husband helped me create a Shutter Angel this summer. I place her up against the house to take some pictures but soon found her permanent home in my garden.

She was made from an old Shutter. Her arms are the rockers from an old broken rocking chair. Her Halo is some old rusty barbed wire we kept after we took down the horse fence.
Her wings are some shelves that my husband had made for me out of pine lumber and stained. I had in our living room for a while and grew tired of dusting everything that was on them. 
We cut her head out of a piece of scrap plywood and screwed it to the shutter. And her bouquet is some broom corn and cattails. 

Since these pictures were taken I've made her a Necklace out of an old metal dog chain and a piece of driveway reflector. I'll try to remember to take a new picture of her and post it. 

 Here she is with her necklace on. It is a beautiful day in Upstate NY let me tell you. Hard to believe it's November 4th, 15.

Hoping you remembered to vote today, because your vote counts. 


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