Saturday, November 7, 2015

New Life to a Tree,,,,,,

I hated the thought of cutting down this pine tree, it's the one in the distance off the corner of the Garage. After all it was there when we moved in 24 years ago.  But, Unfortunate it was leaning in the wrong direction to let it continue growing.

 So I agreed only on one condition, that  he, my husband would make a Fairy House out of the stump.  After he rolled his eyes, and tilted his head, he agreed he would.

So, there it was, a stump 4 ft high with a peek on top for the roof. Now the reconstruction began.

First was the making of the door,, It had to be just the right height and width for a Fairy, but then again they come in all shape and sizes so who knew. So we guessed.

I looked through my upholstery hardware and found the perfect pink button and a couple pieces that would work for hinges.

Then my husband worked on the roof. He used the wood from an old pallet we had laying around, actually we have lots of pallets. Oh, that's another project altogether for another day.

He used the same pallet wood for the windows. While he made the windows I set out to find the chimney. I found a branch laying on the ground and cut a piece off of it for the chimney.  And then I found and piled the rocks for stairs leading up to the front door.

I walked up on top of our hill and found some moss and laid it around the ground and tucked it under the roof to fill in the gaps.  I painted some small rocks and planted chocolate mint and a couple fountain grasses for height. Some annuals to brighten up the spot a few solar lights to light it up at night.

Over the summer months the ground cover has grown in nicely and the fountain grass is getting taller.

I came home to a very nice surprise one day. Someone  had dropped off some gifts for the fairies.

Some tiny clay pots and baskets and a couple twig wreaths and a tiny hat. I filled the baskets with tiny crystals and stones and left them by the door.

I think our efforts have turned out really well and I've been told the Fairies agree.


Have a Blessed Day

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