Sunday, January 27, 2013

The nerve of some people

 UPDATE:  Well she called today while I was at work. My husband answered the phone and she told him her offer, he told her that would be my decision and to call back around 5:30. Well she called back at 6:30 to offer me this deal of $450 plus we need to deliver it to them (50 min drive)  I DON'T THINK SO......

I told her that I wouldn't except anything less than what I was asking and we couldn't deliver it for nothing. She than said that would be fine, so what are we talking then, $500 for the table and $25 to deliver (my add said nothing about delivery the table) I then said NO I'm asking $525. plus the delivery. She said well that's fine, let me talk to my husband and I'll get back to you, that's when I said that I have someone coming tomorrow night to look at it (NOT) so she then said OK I'll call you back tomorrow night to see what happened. 

Well OK I said. 
I'm sure hoping someone else needs a beautiful Farmhouse Table to Love and Enjoy inside there home.


Because I was so taken back today I have to share what happened with all of you.

Yesterday I made a decision to sell my Farmhouse Harvest Table. I've been kicking the thought around for about 1 year now, you see I love my table. I mean I adore it. I've had this table for about 6 yrs now and I still admire it when I pass by. It's nothing fancy, it has it's flaws, but I love the distressed and primitive look. It has square nails and wide boards.

We are having new flooring installed on Tuesday in my Office and Bedroom. And I realized I need more space and as you can see the table is really to big for my dinning room since we had the wood stove installed. 
So anyway; I listed my table on Craigslist Friday, a very popular site in these parts. I received a call on Saturday from a very nice lady that said her and her husband would like to take a drive down to see the table on Sunday. I said we would be available after Church around 11:30 a.m.

These are the actual pictures I posted on Craigslist so they knew what the table looked like. 

Anyway they were here at 11:30. My husband and I welcomed them into our home and could see that obviously they were from the City and not used to the country roads or the un-shoveled walk to the door. (we go through the garage to the house)  They were very friendly and happy with the way the table looked and said the pictures and description was perfect.

Here is comes, the husband thought that maybe it was to much money to spend on a table to keep on the patio (WHAT - You can imagine my face when I heard that) The wife however loved it and thought it would be perfect for what they needed it for. I could tell she's been reading magazines like Martha Stewart, Country Home or Southern Living.  They both looked the table over very well and marveled at the distressed and primitive look and even noticed the square nails.

I asked if it would be under cover and out of the weather, they replied no they don't have a roof over their patio. I then said that it might be able to take 3 to 4 months of being out in the elements but would need to be protected the other months of the year.

Oh, they said they didn't have a place to store it and was also a little concerned about spending that kind of money on something that would be destroyed in a short period of time.  (WHAT - DESTROYED, your talking about my beloved table here.)

They left after about 15 min's and said they wouldn't be able to decide right now, but the wife said she will be having a long discussion with her husband on the drive back home and really wants the table.

On one hand I want to sell the table so I can have more room and the $525.00 that I'm asking for this beauty would be nice too. After they left my Husband said he felt sad to think they would do that to the table, I felt like I would be giving away a pet to a home I knew was going to mistreat it.

Truthfully, I hope they don't call and say they want it, Because I'm pretty sure I'm going to tell them No.



Anonymous said...

That is terrible! How terribly inconsiderate! That is such a beautiful table. I almost got one for my dining room, but there was not enough room :(
I would certainly tell them no! I understand selling it would be nice, but how terrible it would feel to know that they are keeping it outside, unprotected!

boricuabam said...

Perhaps there is a way to repurpose this table so you could keep it and still have use for it. For example, I saw a tutorial once on how they cut a table to make a hallway table (I don't know what those long thin table sin the hall are actually called). I know the thought of cutting the table might hurt. But at least you will be able to keep it and admire it's beauty while making great use of it too.