Saturday, January 5, 2013

Christmas in Leuven Belgium

This Year I spent Christmas with my Daughter in Leuven Belgium. My Sister and I took 10 days and Flew from Philadelphia International Airport to Brussels Belgium where My Daughter and Boy Friend greeted us. It was an 8 hr plane ride followed by and 15 minute Train ride to a 5 min taxi ride to their front door. 

I live in Upstate New York where public transportation is very limited so I enjoyed the commute. 

Here are some picture's from the Leuven area, Brugge and Acchen Germany. 

 The only Santa I saw in Leuven 

 I think it rained everyday while we were there but not enough to stop us from touring the city. 

I loved this street with that building in the back ground. I'm not sure if that's City Hall or the Library. If I look tired it's because I am not used to so much walking. 

This was one of the Christmas Market's in Leuven

This was taken in the Train Station in Liege Belgium on the way to Acchen Germany

Oh, this was the Spectacular Christmas Market in Acchen Germany. Oh the Sausage's were delicious
It wasn't nearly as cold as I'd thought it would be 

This is the peeing wall

An old cobble stone street in Brugge

Beautiful  view in Brugge

You can see Brugge via a Horse Drawn Carriage also, We walked.

Brugge is a spectacular Place to tour
This is a castle near the University In Leuven

We toured the Castle Grounds

Well that was where I was through the Christmas Season this year. I can't tell you how happy I was to spend time with my daughter again. I'm already thinking about another trip but this time I'm taking my Husband. (fingers crossed) 



Anonymous said...

Wow, what a beautiful and historic place to live!

Judy said...

GirlRural, it really is an amazing place.

jenscloset said...

How fun! I'm lucky to drive to the next town! :)

Arlena said...

What a wonderful holiday for you and your daughter!...I love that little linen shop photo, on the water..I am sure Bruce was happy to have you get home..:)

Judy said...

Arlena I love that shop to, I wonder how they keep the dampness out. And yes Bruce was happy to have me home.

Diane Miguel said...

Love Nimble's Nook :)

Diane Miguel said...

I love Miss Judy and Nimble's Nook :)

Diane Miguel said...

I love Miss Judy and Nimble's Nook!