Sunday, May 4, 2014

Famous Chafing Dish

I recently Sold a Vintage Chafing dish and was very happy to know that it was going to be front and center in the play Clybourne Park. Here is a copy of the email sent to me from the buyer.
 "Your piece will be famous in Tallahassee. I am the prop master for a local community theater       production  of a play called Clybourne Park, which is the sequel to Raisin in the Sun. The chafing dish will be front and center as the play takes place in 1959 in the first act. "

This is the Chafing dish Purchased from my shop (Nimbles Nook) 

 Note from Prop Manager Madison,  "We were looking for a similar chafing dish to a picture from a review of the play on England. See link below"

This is a picture of the chafing dish they were searching for. 

Dress rehearsal without the stage built 

"If you ever have occasion to see the play Clybourne Park you'll see just how prominently the chafing dish is....on the set and in the dialogue! In fact, I only had a list of props to acquire. Now that I have seen the placement on stage and watched the first act, it is a blessing to have your chafing dish."
Madison :)

The set is coming together. 

I wish I lived closer to go and see this show and my Chafing Dish of course. If you are in the area there is still plenty of time to go the production.
If you do make it to the show come on back here and let us know all about it.

Many Thanks to Madison for purchasing the Chafing Dish from my shop and for sending me the pictures for this post.

As a vintage seller I often wonder what the items will be used for and it's nice to know this story.


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