Saturday, October 5, 2013

Autumn in New York requires a Trip to the Fly Creek Cider Mill

 The Fly Creek Cider Mill is in Fly Creek New York only a couple miles outside of Cooperstown.

It was a beautiful day, the perfect day to escape for a few hours.

I love the small awnings over the windows and the welcoming bench to sit on.

 And the babbling brook that runs along side.

I love the Flag flying High and Proud.

We were amazed that  hanging basket was still so full of flowers.

The guys enjoyed the Tractor Display.

The inside of the Store was full of tasty Treats and you could sample most of them.

The Cider Press was up and running....

Grinding up the Apples into the barrels so they can be pressed into Cider. The press is in the back, 5 layers of white sheets put together and pressed.

This guy was sending the apples up the conveyer belt to be ground up

It was a day to remember and a Fun time by all......


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