Monday, June 17, 2013

There are Never to many Rainbows.....

 I've noticed a lot more Rainbows

It's been raining in these parts for awhile now,  seems it rains everyday around here, there is so much water coming out of the ground I can't walk to my Garden without hip waders on (OK I'm being overly dramatic) But it's really wet, I can hear it flowing down the hill under the dirt, Know Really I can.

A few things that have benefited from all the water around here are all the plants and Oh yes all the weed, which are tecnically plants only unwanted ones. I haven't been able or had the desire to kneel in my garden to pull them.

I work full time so as luck would have it when I clock out it rains. The sun could be shinning all day but when I clock out to go home the clouds roll in. 

But, I must say I've enjoyed the Rainbows. There have been plenty of them. And I can't help but smile when ever I seen one.

SO, I Thought I'd celebrate all the Rainbows by showing you some
that I found on Etsy.

Well I hope after reading this post your day is a little brighter. 

Judy and Nimble

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