Monday, May 13, 2013

Bruce took the dogs for a walk up on the hill and I said I'd mow my Garden paths. He took over when he came back (Thank You God) and I came in the house for a drink. And there was this balloon sitting on the table. I picked it up and wondered where it came from, actually I was looking for the flowers or candy that should have been attached to it. LOL

When Bruce was done he explained he was on top of the hill and he saw this balloon floating. It started down through the trees and headed right for him so he reached out and grabbed it. Both of the dogs saw it floating down, Trooper smelled it but wasn't interested. The older dog Kaiser (who can't see or hear well anymore) Bit it, thinking it was a bird I guess (so it's got a slow leak).

Me, being the kind of person that believes in signs and that there are no coincidences in life thinks its a message from someone. Maybe it's a sign from Bruce's mother. Or maybe I'm supposed to post this story on FB for someone who is missing someone so much it's unbearable at times. And this is a sign from that special someone who has crossed over sending there LOVE back down to YOU, and Bruce and I are just the messengers here. 

I'm sure the answer will be revealed soon, we just need to pay attention and believe.

So Happy Mothers Day to you who ever you are.

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