Sunday, February 19, 2012

Name Change in the making:

Since Etsy now gives shop owners 1 chance to change the name of their Etsy shop, I have made a decision to Change my Name from This That & Other Things (thisthatotherthings)  to Nimble's Nook (nimblesnook)

Nimble is a little character that comes along on all my Thrifting adventures and gives me gentle nudges and whispers on where to look for the hidden treasures and suggestions on what to purchase for the Nook. 
She is my alter ego, the fun loving fairy that flutters about sharing her tremendous knowledge of vintage Treasures with me. She has a terrible sense of direction and doesn't seem to be organized at times but I can always expect to have a Great time with Nimble as we search for Vintage Treasures together.

Please stay tuned for more adventures from Nimble. 
So Expect changes over the next few weeks. There is much to do from Changing my Etsy shop name, to creating a banner, avatar, business cards, Changing Stumble, twitter, pinterest and FB names. Not to mention my .com and blog.

Nimble and I are going to be very busy but will keep you all informed as we go. 

Thanks for your support


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Finding Charm said...

How wonderful! good luck with all your changes.