Saturday, October 15, 2011

We took a road Trip West on Rt 20 to Skaneateles NY

It was the perfect time of year in Upstate NY to take a road trip across Route 20, up and down the hills and in and out of the little towns and villages. If you have never been to NY in the fall it is spectacular and a must see.
I have to admit I've lived in New York all my life and I am still amazed and wait with high expectations of what beauty the season will give us. This year the colors weren't so bright and beautiful because of the 2 tropical storms that blew through,a  lot of the leaves were taken off then. But It was still breathtakingly beautiful and we both had a great day.

My husband and I had the opportunity to get away for a day and decided to drive out to Skaneateles, we had both been there at separate times in our lives, although it was many years ago for both of us.
On the way out we stopped for Breakfast in Lafayette and after that I just had to stop at a green house we passed and bought 2 lilac trees and 4 ornamental grasses for my garden, hey they were on sale (if you haven't seen my garden yet scroll down later to my garden pics) The weather was perfect, dry and cool. The sun was out for most of the trip but was fading fast by mid afternoon.

Unfortunately I took the pictures from my phones camera so they seem darker than I remember the day to be.

Unfortunately the pictures looks like it was cloudy and stormy but I assure you it wasn't at this point.

I also managed to stop to all the yard sales and garage sales we spotted along the road trip. You can imagine by the time we reached home my little ford escape was loaded down, the ornamental grasses wavy to me in the rear view mirror. 

I found a Thrift Shop while we were walking around town and of course had to go inside. It was small but packed full of great used and vintage items.

On the way home we drove down Rt 31 which took us along Oneida Lake. 

By now the skies were threatening but we managed to grab an ice cream before the rains came.

All in All it was a fun day, Wish you were there.



Finding Charm said...

What a neat place. Looks like a fun time.

vintage eye said...

Fabulous trip! I love lilacs! They will be so wonderful in the spring.