Thursday, August 4, 2011

Meet Eudora and Shane

I know I'm a few days late getting this post done, but this working full time is kicking my butt. But I'm Forever Grateful for the butt kicking. (wink with a smile)

This months Blog Feature is a wonderful new shop on Etsy called the JunkHouse it's been open since May 2011 and is located in the Seattle Washington area. Eudora and Shane combine there love for vintage and their talent of  bringing that love to us. I've enjoyed looking around the Junk House and have spotted some treasures I'd never seen before. (must be a west coast thing) 

Below is a note from Eudora in her words:

Shane and I started our Etsy shop from Seattle in May of 2011. After realizing early on in our relationship that we both had the thrifting bug, visiting local second hand stores garage sales became one of our favorite ways to spend time together. Naturally, we had amassed a good deal of stuff since we started dating two years ago, and upon moving in together this year, we decided opening an Etsy store would be a great way to find new homes for some of our many treasures. As we are both particularly fond of mid century modern design, a large portion of Junkhouse is filled with items from the 40s - 60s. And being in Seattle, where a large Scandinavian seafaring community once thrived, Scandinavian design has become one of our favorite aesthetics to collect.

Prior to focusing on accumulating mid century housewares together, we each had our own thrifting interests that developed in our teenage years; I was enthralled by 50s and 60s vintage clothing, and Shane was an avid record collector. But, after stumbling across a vibrant patterned bowl in a local thrift store, and doing some research after bringing it home, we discovered it was a Cathrineholm design, and the housewares bug was planted.

Etsy is not currently our primary source of income, as we both work part time jobs and have several other ventures on the side.

We are continuously inspired by the idea of deriving new use from items that have such a robust history. And needless to say, we draw a lot of inspiration from the Etsy community. Being a part of so many passionate individuals has been such a treat, and we so look forward to our future with Etsy! We are slowly adding items from our collection to our shop, with new items being added weekly.

Warm regards,

I think it's always nice to bring new shops out into the light, I for one know how difficult it is to be seen on Etsy. I want to Thank Eudora and Shane for giving me this opportunity to feature there new and upcoming shop and wish them years of enjoyment and success. 



Finding Charm said...

What a cute shop name. The sconces are cool.

vintage eye said...

Fabulous shop! :)

Applesauce Inn Bed and Breakfast-Bellaire, MI said...

Great shop!! Will be watching for more goodies!!!