Monday, September 20, 2010

Fall is approaching Fast

Here in Central New York in the foot hills of the Adirondack Mountains I have noticed that Fall is approaching fast. I can feel it in the air and spell it in the wind. And yes of course the obvious one, see it with the changing colors of the leafs on the trees. The reds, oranges and yellows brighten up the hillsides soon to leave us speechless in there beauty. One might think that growing up in these parts you would get used to all these changes and somehow let them pass you right on by. But I think for the most part those of us that live around here live here because we love the changes in the seasons and enjoy special parts of each one of them.

This time of year, my husband is in survivor mode like a squirrel busy preparing for the fast approaching Winter. The wood needs to be cut, split and staked in the shed to dry. The garden has to be harvested and tilled under, patio furniture put away, hoses rolled up, gutters taken down so the ice doesn't rip them down. Window seals caulked, the chimney cleaned, wood stove polished and the fire brick replaced. The mower deck cleaned and painted to preserve it for next spring. Putting away the brush hog and mower deck and replacing them with the snow blower and plow.  I was able to stop him from putting away the furniture around the bon-fire for another month so we can enjoy a couple more gatherings with friends and family.

The dogs seem happy and content with the cooler temperatures.

Me, well I start burning candles, putting up the heavier drapes, putting the throw rugs down, getting out the thicker comforters and checking the freezer and pantry to see what needs restocking. I have even consider roasting a turkey and baking an apple pie made from the apples from the only apple tree on our property that bears eatable apples. I rotate my summer cloths and bring out the warmer sweaters, sweatshirts and jackets.

This year In stead of letting my delicate herbs parish in the cold temps I dug them out of their pots, bagged them up and shipped them to a friend in North Caroline. They survived the trip and we are both hoping they will live out the rest of there lives in the warm southern air. But the shock may be too much for them.

So once the preparation for this years cold temperatures and abundant snowfall is done, My husband and I will find a couple days to take a drive through the Catskill and Adirondack mountains to enjoy the beauty of New York State. And when we get back home we will undoubtedly realize it's just as beautiful in our own back yard.  So we'll invite family and friends over for a final farewell ceremonially Bon-fire and share some memories, stories and merriment.



Denise said...

It sounds wonderful! Springtime in the south (where I am now) is lovely, but I do miss northern autumn weather.

Denise (WorldVintage)

vintage eye said...

Your place sounds & looks divine! I wish you & hubby a warm & wonderful autumn!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely property you have! The many tasks of your winter preparations actually sound very reassuring as an annual fall activity!