Saturday, August 14, 2010

Random Act of Kindness Give Away for August

To Enter my Blog this month all you have to share with us is a Random Act of Kindness you have done or that you have witness being done. You know like a Hallmark Moment that makes you smile or brings tears to your eyes. Moments that ordinary people have reached out their hands to shown some compassion and kindness to complete strangers, friends, neighbors or loved ones that need a helping hand.  Moments that have changed the course of time and enriched everyone's life's who have witnessed them.

Let me share with you a Random Act of Kindness my husband and I saw this morning:

  Early this morning as my husband and I were leaving Walmart we witnessed such a moment. We were approaching the red light leaving Walmart and this elderly man that looked to be in his 80's must have been stopped at the light to make a left into the parking lot and his vintage car from the 1940's must have stalled at the light. Now this wasn't one of those refurbished classic cars you see at Cruise Inn's or Antique car shows. This looked like the original car this man bought when he was in his 20's. It was showing signs of age with some rust and it looked to be the original paint job.

  The gentleman that was behind him was already out of his car helping this stranger push his vehicle out of the middle of the road towards the parking lot.  As we were leaving the parking lot and  came to a stop at the light to make a right,  a man that was making a right into the Walmart parking lot pulled off the road and ran over to help the 2 men push.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw my husbands hand reach for the seat belt release and the other hand reach for the car door. (I was driving)  Just then the old man jumped into the drivers seat as it started to roll down the hill into the parking lot. My husband smiled and said "sometimes all those old cars need is a hill to get um to start". The kind men helping let go with big smiles on there faces and proceeded to walk back to there cars.  It was early Saturday morning around 8:a.m. so there wasn't a lot of traffic but traffic was held up nonetheless. I noticed there were no horns blowing, no  people shaking their fists, no one was shouting obscenities,  everyone I looked at was just smiling.  Our light turned green and we drove away. This random act of kindness didn't take long to complete but I'm sure the dozen or so people that witnessed it spent the better part of the day remembering it just like I have.

   My husband enjoyed reading all the entries last month so much he has agreed to do it again this month. So the winner will be chosen again by my husband of 20 yrs, who is always willing to help out where and when ever he can.

He will read all entries and choose the winner on our Anniversary - August 30th.

The prize is this set of 6 Vintage Dinner Napkins by Stone Cottage Ltd.
They have never been used and still have the tags on each one.

Stone Cottage Ltd 
Dinner Napkins

Set of 6 Napkins

Thank You all for taking the time to read my blog posts and I hope each and every day brings some form of Happiness and Purpose to your lives. 


Jamie Creason said...

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Desiree is doing a fundraiser through her shop to help out Dori! I think this is fabulous and I want everyone to know about it!

Jamie said...

Those are pretty napkins. And that is a great story. What a nice way to start a day! I hope to read many lovely stories!

vintage eye said...

My husband was driving down a road near our home when he came across a horse & a mule trotting down the road. As he slowed down he noticed an elderly gentleman running up behind trying to convince them to head back to the barn. They were having none of it. Rather than head on his way, my husband pulled over and joined in the chase. Between the two men, they managed to convince Ed, the mule & his equine companion to return home. The gentleman explained that Ed was quite the escape artist & he often had trouble rounding him up. The old man was grateful for the help & my husband got to play cowboy for a few minutes!

SarahAnntiques said...

A local farmer in our area played basketball and was a very active and healthy person. One morning he was fine. Then next thing we knew he had had a serious heart attack and was nearly dead. It was fall harvest time and it was during one of the busiest and most critical times to bring the crops in. Hearing about this my husband jumped into action. Putting his crops on hold he went to the aid of his fellow farmer and cut all of their crops before we did our own. This was a tremendous help to the family and brought in much needed money to pay the medical bills. Expecting no payment in return he did this out of the goodness of his heart. The following Christmas we received a Christmas ham from the farmer's family with the kindest Christmas card that we have ever received. It simply thanked us for being kind and true friends and stated how lucky they were to have friends like us in a time when their family needed them the most.

Jamie said...

Today at the grocery store, the cashier was very helpful to me. So I learned her name and then made sure to go by the Customer Service desk to let them know what a good employee she was. They were very pleased to hear of it and said they would give her a pin..not sure what that is, but I took it as a good thing.
I don't know that this counts as a RAK, however it was something that made me happy to do today.

ThreeOldKeys said...

I just read Jamie's story -- it's almost like mine. I was in a chain craft store (AC Moore), and asked a cashier if I could have some boxes their staff was emptying as they stocked the shelves.

The woman got me a cart and helped me load up a bunch of them. It only took her a minute, but it was nice of her. So later I went to their website and sent a little Thank You via their customer service dept.

About a month later I went in and the woman recognized me! She said she didn't know what I said online, but it was a real big deal. She thanked me profusely.

So her small RAK led to my small RAK and we both got a lot out of it.