Saturday, April 17, 2010

It's Trickery I tell ya!

It's April 17th, I know already, you don't need to remind me that it's still early in Upstate New York to think that the cold and snow is gone out of the forecast. But for the past 2 day's I have taken advantage of the warm temperatures and the sunshine. I have been wearing tank tops and flip flops and Yes, I started rototiller my vegetable garden and weeding my perennial garden. And I have all the aches and pains to prove it.  I even went as far as to buy a Basil Plant yesterday, I couldn't resist the sweet smell and the dark green fresh leaves. I knew however I would have to bring it in every  night and place it in the sun each day. Baby it sort of speak.

It started raining last night and was still drizzling this morning when I woke up so I figured I've worked hard for a few days and good use some sit down time at my computer working in my Etsy shop and tweeting with friends.  As I was sitting here and working online, I looked out the window and, and I can hardly say the words, it's snowing.  The realization of where I live and what month it is came rushing back to me, I feel the song birds are feeling it too by the way they are shouting outside my window. It's Trickery I tell ya, Trickery.

So I am posting these photo's of my spring gardens and hoping that the fresh new buds on the apple and lilac trees will not perish in these colder than yesterday temperatures.

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Pink Glass Palace said...

I admire your energy - warmer weather has a way of doing that, I know! Our trees around here are blooming away, so you have a lot to look forward to. Yay!