Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Sacred space

     About 13 years ago now a friend of mine offered me a few plants from her perennial garden that she was thinning out. The were called everlastings, which means they can be dried for dried flower arrangements. I jumped at the chance but at that time the only gardening I did was a vegetable garden. So they sat in a pail for a few days while I decided what I was going to do with them.  I wanted to create a French Cottage Garden with grassy paths that you could stroll down, A low maintenance garden sort of speak. But how would I do that or where would it go. I directed my husband to till up a piece of ground about10' by 8 feet in a triangle shape.
      Right behind those yellow flowers are the plants that were first planted to create my perennial garden, known to me and you now as my sacred space. (I  had a physic come to my home a few year ago, I'll have to tell you more about that in another post). 
     Some of the plants that were given to me were Bee Balm, Autumn Joy Sedum, Columbine, Thistle, Black Eyed Susan, and others I still don't know the names of.
     We have about 25 acres of land so I went up the hill one day and dug up some beautiful ferns to plant. In some ways that was a mistake but I'll take care of that problem at a later date. I need to plant them in a shady spot. (who knew)
     My daughters boyfriend dug me this garden pond with a waterfall in the corner, it was a great gift that I appreciate greatly.  My husband hauled the rocks off the hill with his tractor and wagon and I laided the rocks, OK he helped a little. 
I have spent many hours sitting next to this water feature and meditating to the gentle sounds of nature.
     In the hot weather I am greeted by a family of snakes sun bathing on the hot rocks. I have learned to look for them before I enter the garden to save myself from being startled out of my flip flops.  My husband has tried to relocate them but they keep finding their way back to me. I don't blame them and decided they could stay after all the garden was big enough for all of us.
     Each spring I head out to the garden to see what is peeking it's head up through the soil. And it is such a surprise to me where there wasn't a plant last year now there is.
     I realise Dallias are not perenials but I do make exceptions now and again. They are so beautiful and a joy to see pop up as a late bloomer. 
     I have made mistakes however with my planting decisions. Like planting chocolate mint, chinese lanterns, and lemon balm.  I believe they would take over the world after a few years if people don't keep them in check.  
     I wanted to create a space where I could go and feel surrounded with beauty and inspiration. So hence my sacred space was created. I have tried to design the the garden so from the first signs of spring to the frost on the ground in October there is a flower in bloom.  I have planted herbs for cooking and medicinal purposes. I also dry them to add into my soaps for scent and as an exfoliate.
     My garden gets bigger every season because I hate to through my plants away and haven't found anyone as enthusiastic as I am about gardening to take them. So each year I have to break new ground for them to live in.  
    My husband planted this tractor seat so I could sit and look out over my sacred space and dream and wonder about lifes little surprises. And to find answers to the bigger questions in life that trouble me from time to time. 
     My thoughts go to this place alot this time of year, the anticipation to get my hands in the dirt and create a space, where I can find, even for a short time some  peace and serenity.

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Amanda Kelsey said...

Beautiful garden. I understand why you love it so much.